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    Powder coating is an industrial process designed to protect steel products with an aesthetic finish. Powder coating is applied by positively charging the powder and grounding the metal. When the powder is sprayed, the electrostatic powder is attracted to the metal causing it to stick. Once the metal if fully coated it is placed into one of our 6 ovens and baked at over 400 degrees until cured. For more information on the powder coating process follow the link:


    Along with powder coating is the world of media and sand blasting. We offer a series of different media blasts including: Sands, Glass bead, and Soda blast. Custom Powder Coating offers mobile and in house blasting as well. Mobile sand blasting is ideal for large structural steel and graffiti removal off of CMU or brick buildings.


    With our portable sandblaster, we can bring the blasting to your facility. We specialize in commercial and industrial blasting of heavy steel, tanks, and much more.





  Custom Powder Coating is now your “Graffiti Buster.” With our mobile sandblast unit, we specialize in graffiti removal on block, brick, concrete, wood, and painted surfaces for commercial and residential buildings. Save the elbow grease and let us take care of all your property maintenance graffiti removal needs.


    Don’t ruin your brick building by painting over unwanted Graffiti. Call us today for a free quote and we will remove the graffiti for you without painting over it.





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