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About Us

    As a family owned and operated business in Nevada, we pride ourselves on our community involvement working side by side with other local businesses.               


    Custom Powder Coating is Northern Nevada’s premier powder coater with over 35 years of experience in the coating industry. We are locally owned and operated, dedicated to serving every clients needs. Our batch oven operation consists of 6 ovens ranging from 30 feet to 12 feet long. We specialize in industrial and custom powder coating. Small batch miscellaneous pieces, lawn furniture, fencing, bike or truck frames, rims, and any other metal object, no job is too big or small for our operation.

    Custom Powder Coating has a wide range of different stock colors, textures, and sheen's including high temp powders. We also offer custom color matching to get the exact color you’re looking for. Stop by our office to see a full selection of colors available.


Customer Services

Custom Powder Coating has knowledgeable and friendly staff willing to help with any powder coating questions. Along with our professional staff, our excellent customer service extends throughout the process to ensure a timely completion of all powder coating projects.



Custom Powder Coating takes all measures to ensure the highest level of quality and care is taken on all powder coating projects. We take the time to professionally wrap and protect our finished work.



Custom Powder Coating has competitive pricing on all orders large or small. Give us a call for a free quote.

    What is Powder Coating?


    Powder coating is an industrial process designed to protect steel products with an aesthetic finish. Powder coating is applied by positively charging the powder and grounding the metal. When the powder is sprayed, the electrostatic powder is attracted to the metal causing it to stick. Once the metal if fully coated it is placed into one of our 5 ovens and baked at over 400 degrees until cured. For more information on the powder coating process follow the link:



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