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What we Powder Coat



  • With our 30ft oven we are able to powder coat an array of over sized steel pieces such as piping, tubing, fencing, and any other over sized metal objects that need a protective or decorative finish.


  • Powder Coating is a great alternative to restoring patio furniture to its original beauty instead of buying new.


  • Restoring an old car? Powder coating is the recommended coating for your restoration process. Let us Powder coat all your car parts starting with your frame!


  • Custom Powder Coating has a wide range of different stock colors, textures, and sheen's including high temperature powders. We also offer custom color matching to get the exact color you’re looking for. Stop by our office to see a full selection of colors available.


                                         Commonly Powder Coated items:


- Industrial Equipment


- Production Line Parts


- Manufacturing pieces


- Fencing


- Lawn Furniture


- Bike/Auto Frames


- Taxidermy skulls

Speedy Turn Around Time

Rush Orders

High Temp Powder

Pickup and Delivery

Custom Colors


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